Facebook: The Movie?

Nothing says “summer blockbuster” like a movie about a nerdy college kid building a website, especially if that movie is of boy-genius, Mark Zuckerburg and his wonder-child, Facebook.

Apparently, Sony Picture’s agrees.

Word has it the studio has optioned the rights to “Bringing Down the House”, an upcoming tell-all book that follows Facebook’s trajectory from Harvard dorm room project to $15 billion internet company and Zuckerman’s makeover from pimpled-face undergrad to world’s youngest billionaire, and has pegged Aaron Sorkin to write the screenplay.

“I honestly don’t know how this works,” says Sorkin, creator of The West Wing and screenwriter of A Few Good Men, about his own recently-opened Facebook page, “which is why I’m here”. 

If art imitates life, Facebook: the movie will presumably not lack drama.

After Zuckerman unveiled the website in 2004, he was slapped with a lawsuit from classmates at Harvard, claiming Zuckerman stole their idea. The case was eventually settled out of court, but another lawsuit, claiming similar accusations, was filed again in March. 

Facebook is currently the 6th most trafficked and 5th most valuable website in the US., with over 130 million users and $150 million in revenues annually. 


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