Google’s New Web Browser

What doesn’t Google do? 

This week they unveiled “Chrome”, a web browser alternative to the McDonald’s of the web browsing market, Internet Explorer 8.t

  • quick page searches–for instance, type “A: tale of two cities”  in the text box and the browser recognizes it as “search for a tale of two cities”. 
  • nine mini-screen opener–run the browser for the first time and nine mini-screens appear, your most visited web pages.
  • the “sandbox” feature–say you have three web pages open and one crashes, well it isolates it to just that one site. The other pages are unharmed and the application stays open.
  • Downloads–downloading appears as a small status bar at the bottom of the page. Once you’re finished, you can open it right there, without having to dig around your files.
  • Incognito–browse like the invisible man. No cookies, passwords or caches are saved. People call it “porn mode”

Not ground-breaking stuff–lots of borrowed features–but Google’s calling it the fastest browser on earth. And so, for no other reason, it’s a compelling alternative.

(But just so you know, nothing beats “omniweb”. Best $15 you’ll ever spend).

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