Questionable Forms of Entertainment: Female Bodybuilding


Anything more self-deprecating?

Case in point: Mother Nature hates it so much She shrinks the participant’s reproductive organs.

Yet, the sport(?) keeps growing. And shrinking. 

Men have the excuse–the societal indoctrination to be big, to be strong. (But how do you fight without arms?). It get confusing with women. 

The first female “body building” competition wasn’t until 1979. (I use the word here in quotes as it was really more a steroid-infused beauty pageant–woman were barred from clinching fists or posing in anything but high heels).

Then ESPN finally wised-up to its predominant male viewership and aired the world’s first ever Ms. Olympia in 1991. (Would have loved to have been in a sports bar that night).

So who’s to credit? Ideological feminists taking a publicity stunt too far? Christian fundamentalists desperate to breed celibacy? 

Or maybe I’m being too harsh? Maybe even sexist? Good questions.


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