Questionable Jobs in Entertainment: Best Boy Grip

What’s a “best boy grip”? 

Ever ask yourself that question at the end of the movie when the credits play and that dubious title rolls up and off screen?

I want to hold wires when I grow up!

I wanna run wires when I grow up!

There’s too little time to think. The guy has some Eastern European last name. A fat guy stands up and blocks the screen, you’re girlfriend wants to leave, and you forget to look it up later.

Well, it happened the other night and I actually remembered to look it up.

The word has two root words combined to make a title: “best boy” and grip”. 

“Best boy” is an old title a master would bestow upon their most skilled apprentice. “Grips” are technicians.

So, aside from an errand boy who flies across set with an arm thrown out dressed up in a Super Hero’s outfit like a twelve year on a caffeine binge, “best boy grips” are nothing more than the assistant to the head lighting and rigging technicians, either a “gaffer” or a “key grip”.

So in other words, they’re not as cool as we had hoped.


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