The Stephen Strasburg Bowl



Tonight, the Washington Nationals play the San Diego Padres to start a three game series. The stakes? Last place in Major League baseball–both have a record of 58-95. 

Which means, with only 10 games left in the season, the loser of the series will probably end up with the worst record in baseball. Which then means the #1 pick in next year’s draft–or, in other words, Stephen Strasburg.

You know, this happened a few years ago in the NFL. The 49ers beat the Texans in week 15, giving the #1 pick to Houston. Everyone wanted Reggie Bush.

Well, Strasburg is baseball’s Reggie Bush. Or maybe a better comparison: LeBron James.

He’s a sophomore pitcher from San Diego State University. And last year he set an NCAA conference record by striking out 23 batters in a single game–he faced 30. Then this past summer he became the only collegiate player ever to join the U.S. Olympic baseball team–an honor usually designated for the best of the best in minor league baseball. 

He’s got a wicked curve, a deceptive change and scouts have clocked his fastball at 101 mph, which less than 5% of pitchers in Major League Baseball can do. 

Scouts and GM’s are drooling. (Fans too: a poll by the Washington Post found a majority of fans hoping the Nationals lose out.)

Well, maybe the GM’s of the bottom feeders are listening:

Jake Peavy, the Padres ace and Cy Young winner, was scheduled to pitch tonight against the Nationals. Instead he’s on a plane for San Diego. The Padres say “his wife is pregnant and will be giving birth soon”



4 responses to “The Stephen Strasburg Bowl

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  2. Actually as of this moment the Seattle Mariners have the worst record in baseball, and are in the lead for Strasburg.

  3. Scott’s right, the M’s are 58-99 currently, the Nationals close behind at 59-98, and the Pad’s at 61-96. Go M’s!!!!!

  4. Ha, as or right now and with only one game left in the regular season, the Ms are 60-101 and the Nats are 59-101, one half game worst than the Ms and leading the Strasburg derby. The Nats final home game was rained out Thursday and will not be made up. So if the Nats manage to lose their final game to the NL East Champ Phillies, the Nats win STRASBURG!

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