Los Angeles Angels vs. Texas Rangers, 09/20/08

The Rangers-Angels game wasn’t as noteworthy as was the Vazquez-Hallion contest.

In the 5th inning, the game turned into a bar fight when Ramon Vazquez went after home plate umpire Tom Hallion after the infielder was rung up on strike three.

He obviously didn’t like the call. In fact, Vazquez lost it.

He ripped off his batting helmet and flung it, bumping up against the ump in the process. The two men then went nose-to-nose, shout-for-shout. The 56-year-old manager (Washington, left) had to run out on his aging legs to hold him back, his hands full of Vazquez’s jersey.

It was a little surreal. Especially since an 8-year-old behind me went freckin’ bizerk and scared the bejesus out of me. Yelling “Get him! Get him! Ahhhh!”.


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