Mogulus – Online TV


mogulus, online tv

mogulus, online tv

Wouldn’t it be nice to own your own TV station? Play marathons of “Back-to-the-Future”? Re-runs of “Fraggle Rock”? Maybe some old-school MTV? 

That’s your choice at

Should you want to produce a station, all you need is a computer, a web cam and a high-speed connection. Already more than 100,000 users have launched.

As a viewer, you can browse a variety of stations in over 30 languages—including in (thank God) Gujarati—within 26 categories.

Think of it like watching your neighbors TV over his shoulder through the window—only you have a lot of neighbors.

There’s thousands of stations to choose from: over 5,000 stations in Politics, 13,000 in Music, and 7,000 in Sports and Hobbies. 

You can also search under “Most Popular” and “Featured”.

Unfortunately, 2 of the 3 most popular stations were in Spanish and the other one was airing a high school football game in St. Louis which pretty much sums up the experience. More often than not, user stations are obscure niche-market American TV or else foreign language shows. 

It’s a “beta” version though. So, stay tuned.


One response to “Mogulus – Online TV

  1. Looks good, how is it with slow connections? Whats the minimum connection speed needed? I have a slow upload speed, download does’nt seem to be bad, I use to watch all my shows now on a slow connection and have no buffering with them whatsoever.

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