Time Warner – KXAN – Blackout

Time Warner's Ad

Time Warner

See ya NBC.  Good knowin’ ya. “The Cosby Show”, “ALF”, “Seinfeld”. Never forget ya.

That’s the lament of Time Warner customers all over Austin, Texas. Us poor bastards stuck in the midst of a penny feud between LIN TV, who owns the NBC affiliate in Austin, and Time Warner Cable, who broadcasts them—one that ended with a blackout.

Well, sort of.

Instead of a black screen, Time Warner is running a 24-hour infomercial about why LIN TV is greedy and how to get the morning soaps by hooking up an antenna to your 52-inch HD flat-screen TV (which TWC will happily give you free-of-charge). 

The issue is over subscriber fees. LIN TV says the fee paid by Time Warner would be “less than a penny a day” per subscriber—so not much, but still in the millions. The broadcaster wants them in the new retransmission contract that expired last Thursday because ad revenue has dropped. Time Warner does not. 



Time Warner pays subscriber fees for stations like Comedy Central and A&E. But since basic channels like CBS, NBC, and ABC are broadcasted free-of-charge over the air waves locally, Time Warner is against paying.

LIN TV broadcasts in eleven markets—15 stations to over 2.7 million Time Warner customers. Not all are NBC. The CBS in Buffalo is kaput too.

The tiff is closing its first week. Thursday will be the anniversary. Celebrated, sadly, without “The Office”.

NBC no mas. Atleast for now.

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