Russia Bans South Park


Running from the KGB

South Park running from the KGB

The Russian government is moving to ban South Park, The Simpsons, and Family Guy for corrupting the young. 

Government prosecutors sent 2×2, the cartoon network that airs the shows, a cease and desist order early this month. And last week, 2×2 was in court, defending an episode of South Park deemed “pornographic, extremist and immoral” by the Kremlin. 

In the episode, “Mr. Hankey’s Christmas Classics”, a talking feces hops around with a Santa Claus hat, giving presents to children. Prosecutors say it promoted religious hatred and has pressed charges against the station for propagandizing  “violence, cruelty, pornography and anti-social behaviour.”

The Russian government has an alternative: a station that would better “reflect the state position in the area of youth policy.” And one that would replace the beloved cartoon network.

Their suggestion? A government-funded TV channel to teach “patriotism” (yep), “family values” (ehhh) and “the importance of sport” (?).

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