The Newest, Greatest, Bestest-Ever Website This Week

Tonight, I was trying to save an audio file embedded on a website to my hard drive.  

Quicktime wasn’t having it. 

Unless, of course, I upgraded to QuickTime Pro (for $30).

So, I searched Google: “how-to-save-an-audio-file-without-quicktime-pro-and-be-snappy-about-it”.

16 million-some-odd links popped up including one to (my savior).

What a find. Clearly understanding my pain on a deep existential level, the post offered a solution. 

Defined by the creators, the website is a “web-based documentation platform where passionate people share what they do and how they do it”. Just simple language to solve simple (time-consuming) problems—separated into 16 different categories. 

Here’s a snapshot:

And it worked. 

Minutes later, I had the audio file downloaded because the instructions weren’t jargon-laden or pulled from a computer technology handbook. 

Exploring the site, I found posts like How to Have a Great Time at a MLB Game for Less Than $20 and How to get on Xbox Live with Dialup to be just as niche or cool, written by members in a smooth fashion with easy-to-follow steps listed at the top.

Such as this:

It orients you and should you want a quick review of any one step, just hover your mouse over its icon and a summary-bubble pops out.

Posts can easily be embedded, emailed, printed and saved. Or you can show your appreciation in the comment box.

Like this guy did (apparently, he didn’t have QuickTime Pro either):


Oct 9, 2008. 6:47 PM  – gwest says:
You, my friend, are a God.                   

Have me in dirty ways. 



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