World Sports Mind Games


 ….And they’re off!…

…at the World Mind Sports Games (October 3rd-18th) in Beijing, China.

Young (and old) men and women alike from around the globe, filling gymnasiums, cracking knuckles, readjusting glasses, and competing at such games as bridge, chess, checkers, go, draughts and xiangqi (pronounced “象棋”) for the glory of a gold medal.  

Consider it the Olympics of the Mind (Who’s the P.R. firm on this one, by the way? “Mind Olympics” taken?)
In the backrooms of the WMSG

In the backrooms of the WMSG

Unless you count adderall crushed in a cup of coffee, it’s finally a worldwide competition where “performance-enhancing drugs” is a non-issue.

A battle of wit. A battle of skill. And a battle I’m pretty sure the U.S. wasn’t invited to. At least as far as I can tell.

Because so far, not a single medal has gone to a country anywhere near the Western Hemisphere. But China’s kicking butt. Maybe we should take Bobby Fisher to a pet cemetery or fly in Mike                                                                    Ditka. There’s only a week left.

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