Obstructed TV at Fed Ex

If you’re a Washington Redskins season ticket holder, you know. The stadium is rife with “obstructed view seating,” a term for low ceilings and fat columns that block the field of play.  

Here’s an example (the column starts where the picture ends):

What may upset the ticket holder the most is not that the price of these tickets run about $1600 to $2000 a season (eight home games), but that they were probably on a decade-long waiting list for them. (I’ve been on it since 2001 and no phone call yet). 

Things are so bad, now even fans at home are getting screwed by obstructed views—thanks to the worry-wart in the back row. 

Here’s a shot from last Sunday’s game…


…which was also a touchdown pass. 


Or how about that goal-line stand at the end of the 4th quarter? (What is that a dog?)

The bad news is nothing’s gonna change.

The stadium was built with these select (idiotic) camera locations in mind, and already packed as it is with a seating capacity of over 90,000.


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