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Review: “I’m a PC” Commercial – Microsoft & Apple

Microsoft just can’t stop robbing Apple. First, it was operating systems, now it’s commercials.

Back in 2006, Microsoft released Vista to a roar of boos. Not only was it slower than XP, but it had software compatibility issues, questionable security features, anti-piracy technology that detected “counterfeit or non-genuine” software on a person’s computer (college kids loved that) and not to mention, it sapped laptop battery life twice as fast as XP, according to tests by CNET and others.

And other folks claimed Vista’s aesthetic and user-controls were eerily similar to Apple’s OSX operating system which suggested copyright violation.

Check out the new 3-D chess game Microsoft built into Vista.

Look a little like Apple’s?

But that’s little stuff. How about bigger stuff? For instance, for years Mac users enjoyed a quick app built into the operating system that had an address locator, a calculator, weather reports, language translations, among other things. Apple calls them “widgets” and it’s a Mac staple. Here’s a picture:

Well, Vista now has a similar application. Microsoft calls them “gadgets” (or “stolen ideas” for short):

Other applications in Vista that look and feel like Mac’s include: Apple’s iPhoto and Finder.

So, is it any surprise Microsoft’s new marketing campaign is again ripping off Apple?




Great Ideas for Christmas

16bNothing says “I love you” like a Kmart gift card.

Conveniently located just a few hundred miles from most major cities, Kmart is a shopper’s paradise, offering the latest in fashion, jewelry and appliances at an affordable cost, as well as a huge selection of electronics (that blows Radio Shack out of the water)—and don’t forget the toys!

Buy a $50 or a $100 gift card and your loved one will thank you.  

Check out the new Reebok Pumps, worn by NBA star Dee Brown.

Check out the new Reebok Pumps, worn by NBA star Dee Brown.

Kmart has boomboxes, Nintendo Gameboy’s, even Rubik’s cubes—(Dad might like that too).  
Buy your wife or girlfriend a pink spandex exercise outfit. Or maybe just a simple wool suit to climb up that corporate ladder.
And music lovers will love the new cassette tapes from artists like Michael Jackson, Madonna and Guns N’ Roses on sale now for just $5.99.
Gift cards are available in the check-out.

The Worst Celebrities I Can Think Of

In honor of celeb week—the famous who avoided (what, in a sane world, should have been) obscurity:


5. The Commentators on VH1’s “Where are they Now?”

The only thing worse than a bombed celebrity are the Grade D comics and B-movie stand-ins on this show. You were hired by a second-rate “music” channel to spit criticism at celebrities more unfortunately famous than yourselves. Cute! Yeah, you’re funny. Yeah, you’re witty. Yeah, you still play to an empty house in Hollywood. (Then again who else could be such an acute judge of poor talent? Way to go to VH1.)


4. Hayden Christensentove

Talk faster man! Why is this guy big? (How’d even get a gig?). No offense Hayden—you know, in a way, I admire you. You make a bundle of cash, royalties out the ying-yang and probably girls at your behest who are under the illusion that Natalie Portman found you desirable. Really, I don’t blame you. I blame drugs. And casting agents too high to know the difference between bad acting and good-looks. 


3. That Parachuting Writer Guy

I’m being mean. So, I’ll congratulate this character—a man so desperately in-love with his manuscript that he parachuted onto a soccer game in the U.K. to promote it. Not as successful as Kris Kristofferson but it got laughs—and high-fives from his mates at the pub.



2. The Nintendo Power Glovepowerglove


Before technology worked, there was the Power Glove. A $100 waste of wrapping paper. Dasher of 12-year-old hopes and dreams of immortality, you couldn’t knock out Glass Joe. 


1. George Bush 

Had to be here.

Games of Social Change


Call it a social trend or just a liberal gimmick. Nonetheless, new games focusing on social issues are hitting the Internet in fast numbers and are winning the applause of video-gamers and reformers alike.

The latest game is called “ICED” whose theme is immigration. In “ICED” (short for “I can end deportation”) players are one of five characters weaving around a fictitious American city, doing their best to avoid the ICE (the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement).

Each character is different: an illegal immigrant, a visa-holding college student, a green-card worker, a U.S-born son of illegally immigrated parents, and an African American girl who wrote a disparaging college essay about the Patriot Act. 

The game was developed by a non-profit educational organization in New York and is free to download.


“King of the Hill” Cancelled, “The Goode Family” Premiering


After 13 years on FOX, “King of the Hill” is no more.

On Friday, a FOX spokesman said that the 2009-2010 season will be its last, ending the second-longest running primetime animated series on TV, next to “The Simpsons”. 

Creator Mike Judge is leaving the series to work on a new project: an animated series called “The Goode Family,” featuring characters with a similar design.



According to a plot summary on IMDB.com, it will “revolve around a family obsessed with doing the “right” thing environmentally, politically and socially,” 

Look for it in the Fall of ’09 on ABC.



Oh, that Pinky Finger

It’s great when the Cowboys lose. Especially when it’s their quarterback.

A couple weeks ago, Tony Romo broke his finger on the first play of overtime versus the Arizona Cardinals.

The Doc told him to sit out 4 weeks. And, of course, he followed the advice. 

But that’s the easy way out:

Early this Fall, Trevor Wikre, the 6-3, 280-pound starting right guard for Division II Mesa State College, was pulling off the line of scrimmage on a sweep play when his pinky got jammed in a teammate’s face mask. When the play ended, he looked at it–and saw a bone sticking out.

The doctor said his season was over. Done. Fini. And only a few weeks in. 

But no, no, no…

Here’s what Wikre told the Doctor, according to ESPN.com:

“No way,” Trevor said. “This is my senior year. We’ve got to make this work.”

“We can’t,” the doctor said.

“We can,” insisted Trevor. “We can cut it off.”

And that was that. A week later, he was back at practice, running sweeps and high fouring his pals.

Which begs the question: What is it about sissy men that Jessica Simpson finds so attractive?

Hey, Dr. Suresh: Where You From?

Sloppy art is in the details. 

Here’s what Dr. Suresh sounds like now in season 3:  

But it wasn’t long ago—before he ever combed his hair or whitened his teeth for the camera in season two—when the beloved scientist from “Heroes” was fresh off the boat from India, driving a cab in New York and searching for the man who killed his father. 

He seemed different then. Maybe it was his accent…?

…as crazy as it sounds