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Slurpees – (Review)

Slurpees. Mixing Slurpee flavors. Choosing the right color Slurpee straw. What a great pastime.

As a kid, I’d ride my bike up to 7-Eleven three or four times a week to buy one–often with money “borrowed” from my mom’s purse. I’d lay my bike on the curb or lean it on the 7-Eleven window (old people loved that) and rush inside like a junkie in a meth lab.

I often argue with my girlfriend about Slurpees. She thinks ICEE’s are better. I like Slurpees. But actually ICEE’S are  Slurpee’s baby-mama. 7-Eleven licensed the frozen carbonated drink from the ICEE corporation back in 1967.

But life was simpler back then. You had to ask the cashier to pour you one. Could you imagine? “Can I have like 1/3rd Coke, 2/5ths that purple stuff, 3/8ths or whatever of peach. And do the rest Coke. Unless it’s melted. Then do purple.” 7-Eleven employees everywhere are no doubt thankful for the change of policy. 

And few flavors existed. Coke, cherry. Now, flavors are in the hundreds. And some are only served in select countries. Only 7-Eleven’s in Australia offer “Blue Meanie” (which I’m guessing is an insider joke I don’t get).

But don’t think Slurpees are exclusively warm climate drinks. Not at all.

In fact, the Coldest City in the World, Winnipeg, Manitoba is also the Official Slurpee Capital of the World and has been for nine consecutive years.

Yes, the city most apt to freeze your *cough* is also vying for your brain. (And these aren’t Eskimos, by the way.) 

Even more bizarre:  7-Eleven stores in Winnipeg sell more Slurpees on average per month (8,330) than they do across the rest of Canada combined (5,990). Winnipeg has a population of about 600,000 people. The rest of Canada has a population of over 33 million.

How about that for a documentary?

(If you’re interested, Slurpee got himself a website too: www.slurpee.com)