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Miss You, Sean

fb_aahp082_8x10sean-taylor-postersOn NFL Draft Day 2004, Gregg Williams—the defensive head coach of the Washington Redskins—stood on top of a table to make his point. Looking down at his colleagues, the owner, the General Manager, a Hall of Fame head coach. His message was clear.

For days the debate was “Who do we draft at #5?”. The choice narrowed to two: either Miami University tight-end star Kellen Winslow or fellow Miami star, free safety Sean Taylor.

Both players filled a need. Both were “can’t miss” prospects. Both would be available at #5.

Rumor has it Dan Snyder wanted Winslow. The Redskins owner loves the high-profile, charismatic scoring threat—(but who doesn’t really?)

sean-taylor-memorialWilliams wasn’t having it. If you’ve ever watched Sean Taylor play—either at the University of Miami or with the Redskins—it was obvious. The kid was special.

Williams got his wish.

Three years later, Taylor was not only the most feared—truly feared—defensive player in the most angriest of all sports, but he led the league in interceptions. (Even three weeks after his death)

On Sunday, he was inducted into the Redskins Ring of Fame. We’ll miss you Sean. 


Oh, that Pinky Finger

It’s great when the Cowboys lose. Especially when it’s their quarterback.

A couple weeks ago, Tony Romo broke his finger on the first play of overtime versus the Arizona Cardinals.

The Doc told him to sit out 4 weeks. And, of course, he followed the advice. 

But that’s the easy way out:

Early this Fall, Trevor Wikre, the 6-3, 280-pound starting right guard for Division II Mesa State College, was pulling off the line of scrimmage on a sweep play when his pinky got jammed in a teammate’s face mask. When the play ended, he looked at it–and saw a bone sticking out.

The doctor said his season was over. Done. Fini. And only a few weeks in. 

But no, no, no…

Here’s what Wikre told the Doctor, according to ESPN.com:

“No way,” Trevor said. “This is my senior year. We’ve got to make this work.”

“We can’t,” the doctor said.

“We can,” insisted Trevor. “We can cut it off.”

And that was that. A week later, he was back at practice, running sweeps and high fouring his pals.

Which begs the question: What is it about sissy men that Jessica Simpson finds so attractive?